Steel Angel – Kiss of Steel (1986)

Band: Steel Angel Release: Kiss of Steel (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: France Year: 1986 Label: Sydney Buy from: No Remorse (Vinyl) | eBay Tracklist Born In The OceanSearching For The LightWaiting For The DawnThe Sun In DecemberHell's RaceChildren Of The NightPlay For AllKiss Of Steel Rating: 90% Lineup Pat Montero: Vocals Michel Guerrero: Guitars Freddy Caille: Drums Paul Breitner:...

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Venin – Venin EP (1986)

Band: Venin Release: Venin (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1986 Label: Cactus Note “High Power“ and “Sortilege“-esque french heavy metal.  The first track “Passe-Temps” is absolutely killer; that chorus has been ringing in my head for the last two weeks now.  Hail French Metal! Tracklist Passe - TempsFemme de la NuitUne Vie Pour Un ConcertPensées Pour Eux Rating: 88% Lineup Jean-Marc Battini: Vocals, Guitars Patrick Ziad: Guitars Patrick Labriola: Drums Fabienne Perrio:...

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Lust – We’ll Never Die (1988)

Band: Lust Release: We’ll Never Die (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: France Year: 1988 Label: Leslie Buy from: No Remorse | eBay Tracklist Smoke on the HillsThe HoldWaiting for DeathThe Ultimate FightI Am the DeathToo Young to KnowDeep in the DarkHatredWe'll Never Die Rating: 90% Lineup Fred Williams: Vocals Paul Leisy: Guitars Eric Lee: Guitars Freddy: Bass Peter Tillman: Drums Sharon Adams:...

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Steel Angel – And the Angels Were Made of Steel (1985)

Band: Steel Angel  Release: And the Angels Were Made of Steel (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: France Year: 1985 Label: Devil’s Records Buy from: No Remorse (Vinyl) | eBay Tracklist The LawAnd the Angels Were Made of SteelKnights of the WarMidnightPower and ActionWarriorFor the MetalJudas (Angel or Demon) Rating: 88% Lineup Pat Montero: Vocals Michael Guerrero: Guitars Patrick Bonnifet: Guitars, Vocals Paul Breitner: Bass Freddie Caille:...

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Sortilège – Demo (1982)

Band: Sortilège Release: Demo ’82 Genre: Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist SortilègeCivilisation PerdueMétamorphoseDélire d'Un Fou Rating: 90% Lineup Christian “Zouille” Augustin: Vocals Stéphane Dumont: Guitars Didier Demajean: Guitars Daniel Lapp: Bass Bob Snake:...

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