Nightreaper – Heroes Die Young (1988)

Band: Nightreaper Release: Heroes Die Young (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1988 Label: Self-Released Note One of the more obscure French metal releases I’ve ever come across.  This single was Nightreaper‘s first release, which preceded two other demos in 1992 and 1993.  Sure enough, after giving “Heroes Die Young” a listen, it’s highest points occur through the melody of the guitar solos, and is exactly what makes me come back for more. Tracklist Heroes Die YoungShadows of the Past Rating: 83% Lineup Stéphane Graziani: Vocals, Bass Frédéric Giraud: Guitars Thierry Soulivet: Guitars Arnaud Mortreuil:...

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Mistreated – Première Intervention (1988)

Band: Mistreated Release: Première Intervention (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1988 Label: Krezimikroid Buy from: eBay | No Remorse Review Active for 7 years within the 80s french heavy metal scene, Mistreated called it quits shortly after releasing their very first full-length record.  Having performed more than 700 shows during their time, the dudes at Mistreated surely knew how to get the crowd going, which was mainly conceived as a result of their “anthemic” approach to writing music.  Take a look at “Liberte”, “Rock To Night”, “Exil” or even my personal favorite “Fille de Fer” and you’ll know exactly...

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Excess – The Fatal Touch (1990)

Band: Excess Release: The Fatal Touch (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1990 Label: Berman Internacional Buy from: eBay Tracklist The Fatal TouchMaking You BlindOn The MotorwayAll In Black & WhiteAmerican WomanForeign LandsCutGlamour GirlBurning The Night Away Rating: 85% Lineup Jean-Louis Thouvenot (R.I.P): Vocals Francois Frenoy: Guitars Pascal Agnetti: Bass Alain Thouvenot (R.I.P):...

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High Power – Demo (1983)

Band: High Power Release: Demo 1983 Genre: Speed Metal Country: France Year: 1983 Label: Self-Released Note Single-handedly THE greatest french metal demo I have ever come across!  The riffs, the production, the masterfully sung vocals…this is pure speed metal at its finest!  Check out the full album on Heavy Metal Gems.  Hail High Power! Tracklist Casse ToiOde À La VieL'Ange Au Regard NoirOffrande CharnelleCauchemarComme Un Damné Rating: 95% Lineup  Patrick Malbos (R.I.P): Vocals Thierry Sorondo: Guitars Eric Pouey: Guitars Jean Michel Dietsch: Bass Georges Moreau (R.I.P):...

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Drakkard – Les Mystères de la Vie (1986)

Band: Drakkard Release: Les Mystères de la Vie (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Extremely obscure release from France, with a bit more melodic kick to the songwriting when compared with other french metal bands that are featured on the blog.  Regardless of this, this album is quite the surprise and the keyboards sure do help forge the overall atmosphere that Drakkard are known for.  Rest assured, this is one album that you do not want to overlook. Highlights: “He Tom”, “Le Jouet” Tracklist Balise!Je Suis TaureauYvanDaisyLe JouetHe Tom!Les Mysteres De...

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