Angel Sword – Ripping the Heavens (2013)

 Band: Angel Sword Release: Ripping the Heavens (EP) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Finland Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Download Facebook Review I was recently contacted by Jerry Razors from the mighty Angel Sword to include their newest EP onto the blog for your listening pleasure.  These dudes play a raw and gritty style of heavy metal, whereby the vocals surely accentuate a certain “punk” atmosphere to the band’s repertoire.  Although the whole listening experience is fairly short, each track delivers that same burst of energy needed to make you come back for more.  All in all, this is nothing...

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Ranger – Shock Skull (2014)

Band: Ranger Release: Shock Skull (Single) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Finland Year: 2014 Label: Ektro Records Facebook Buy the Album (Digital) Review Finnish speed metal masters Ranger are back again with their newly released single entitled “Shock Skull”, released by the good fellows over at Ektro Records.  If you don’t know much about Ranger going in to the single, it is absolutely necessary to check out their very first EP “Knights of Darkness”, which inevitably propelled these talented dudes into heavy metal stardom within the European scene. The all-out aggressiveness of Ranger‘s style of playing is exactly what they...

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Hiroshima – Soldier of the World (1983)

Band: Hiroshima Release: Soldier of the World (Single) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Sweden/Finland Year: 1983 Label: Self-Released Note One of my all-time favorite Swedish metal singles alongside the mighty Gotham City single released in 1982.  Both tracks are just absolutely mind-blowing, I cannot stress this enough!  Some of you may already know the “Soldier of the World” track from Hiroshima‘s debut record (which can be found here), and I must say the quality and the overall orchestration of the song in the single is far superior.  The second track, “Nuclear Nightmare”, easily solidifies the talent that this band once...

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Hiroshima – Taste of Death (1984)

Band: Hiroshima Release: Taste of Death (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Sweden/Finland Year: 1984 Label: Krak Buy from: eBay Highlights: “Taste of Death”, “Midnight Fighter”, “Soldier of the World” Tracklist Taste Of DeathRock 'n' Roll PriestLonely RoomDreamworldDown On My KneesMidnight FighterTouch MeEscapeLooserSoldier Of The World Rating: 88% Lineup Tony Hanover: Vocals Hero O’Hara: Guitars Luke Powerhand: Guitars Raimo “Quick” Pikanen: Drums Jake Killer:...

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Tarot – Spell of Iron (1986)

Band: Tarot Release: Spell of Iron (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Finland Year: 1986 Label: Flamingo Buy the Re-Release from: No Remorse Tracklist Midwinter NightsDancing On The WireBack In The FireLove's Not Made For My KindNever ForeverSpell Of IronDe Mortui Nil Nisi BenePharaoWings Of DarknessThings That Crawl At Night Rating: 88% Lineup Marco Hietala: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards Zachary Hietala: Guitars Mako H: Guitars Pecu Cinnari:...

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