Epic Metal

Ageless Wisdom (Gre) – Demo ’90 (1990)

 Band: Ageless Wisdom Release: Demo ’90 Genre: Epic Metal Country: Greece Year: 1990 Label: Self-Released Note Extremely rare epic heavy metal by Greece’s own Ageless Wisdom!  The band’s only release, the ’90 demo, is nothing but pure magic, as they were able to forge a sound that closely resembles the great Manilla Road, especially through the obscure vocal work of Sotiris.  For the avid heavy metal fan, it might take a few listens to get used to Sotiris’ unique voice, but, in the end, it fits damn well with the band’s repertoire, so much so that it’s almost hard...

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Wotan (Ita) – Thunderstorm (1993)

Band: Wotan Release: Thunderstorm (Demo) *Self-made cover* Genre: Epic Metal Country: Italy Year: 1993 Label: Self-Released Note I came across this legendary demo not too long ago and was immediately impressed by its astonishing level of quality.  For a demo being released during heavy metal’s lowest period, Wotan surely knew how to keep that very spirit alive.  Simply put, Wotan‘s very first release is nothing short of an epic heavy metal masterpiece. Tracklist Lord of the WindThe King of CrowsSpartacusMother ForestRide of TemplaresVlad TepesIron Shadows Rating: 95% Lineup  Vanni Ceni: Vocals Marco: Guitars Salvatore Oliveri: Bass Tony:...

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Thunder Rider – Tales of Darkness and Light (1989)

Tooltip Text Band: Thunder Rider Release: Tales of Darkness and Light (Full-Length) Genre: Epic/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1989 Label: Dance Planet Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Death to DeathElectric ChairExecutionerFor Christ's SakeRain DanceBlackwingGalaxyPreacher Rating: 82% Lineup John “Skull” Blackwing: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Flute Bruce “Arion Axmun: Corian: Guitars Pat Hammer: Drums Nick Stilldream:...

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Lordian Winds – Lordian Winds (1986)

Band: Lordian Winds  Release: Lordian Winds (Demo/Custom Album Cover made by me) Genre: Epic/Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Review No spoken words can ever describe this glorious and ethereal piece of art.  Every single track is absolutely mystifying, filled with uplifting verses, riffs and tempos that are masterfully composed and executed by the great William Tsamis.  Every little musical detail wrings out the essence of a medieval and classical rendition on heavy metal, and although it is clearly not heavy at all, the structure of each piece is very much reminiscent of it....

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