Apostle – White Metal (1985)

Band: Apostle Release: White Metal (EP) Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Tracklist ApostleBread Of LifeCome to the TruthThe WitnessArmageddonKing of KingsBorn AgainParting the Red Sea Rating: 85% Lineup Matt Harding: Vocals, Guitars Bill Box: Drums Mark...

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The Beast (US) – Power Metal/Born To Metalize/Demo ’86 (1983-1986)

Band: The Beast (US) Release: Power Metal/Born To Metalize/Demo ’86 (EP/Split/Demo) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1983-1986 Label: “Power Metal” released on Mutha Records/”Born To Metalize” released on Megaforce Records Buy from: Discogs Tracklist The Beast ("Power Metal")Radical Man ("Power Metal")Enemy Ace ("Power Metal")The Shape ("Power Metal")Intro - One Night In Old Bridge ("Born to Metalize")Randall Flagg ("Born to Metalize")Is This Life? ("Born to Metalize")The Shape ("Born to Metalize")King Of Screams ("Demo '86)In The End ("Demo '86)Pitbull Terror ("Demo '86)Assunder ("Demo '86) Rating: 92% Lineup Scott Ruth: Vocals Guitars: Ron “Ace” Acera, Jack Pitzer, Shaune Kelley Drums: Doug Ryan, JoJo...

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Tokyo (UK) – Listen to Your Heartbeat + Demos (1985-1989)

Band: Tokyo (UK) Release: Listen to Your Heartbeat EP + Demos Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985-1989 Label: Self-Released Buy from: NEH Records | No Remorse Facebook Tracklist Listen To Your HeartbeatSatisfaction GuaranteedSixteenGreat WhiteTrue JusticeBlack JackHide And SeekI Wish I WasThe Losers Rating: 85% Lineup Mike Dyer: Vocals Guitars: Steve Karr, Mick Clarke, Martin Anderton Drums: Pete Martin, Rod Yates Bass: Phil Newton, Pete Dunn, Stephen James Keyboards: Ian Marshall, Dave Evans, Mark...

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Syrus (Swe) – Fortune and Fame (1989)

Band: Syrus (Swe) Release: Fortune and Fame (EP) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1989 Label: Self-Released Note Buried within the depths of the 80s Swedish heavy metal scene comes one of the movement’s most memorable bands.  The short-lived melodic powerhouse Syrus released only one record to their name, forever cementing their indefinite cult status among heavy metal aficionados. Interestingly enough, at the time of recording the “Fortune and Fame” EP, Syrus scrapped the already recorded b-side track in favor of the ballad “The Golden Void”; a decision that was most likely carried out by the band’s desire...

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Angel Sword – Ripping the Heavens (2013)

 Band: Angel Sword Release: Ripping the Heavens (EP) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Finland Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Download Facebook Review I was recently contacted by Jerry Razors from the mighty Angel Sword to include their newest EP onto the blog for your listening pleasure.  These dudes play a raw and gritty style of heavy metal, whereby the vocals surely accentuate a certain “punk” atmosphere to the band’s repertoire.  Although the whole listening experience is fairly short, each track delivers that same burst of energy needed to make you come back for more.  All in all, this is nothing...

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