Widow (UK) – Demo Collection (1981-1984)

Band: Widow (UK) Release: S.O.S (1981), Amazon (1982), Demo (1984) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981, 1982, 1984 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Takin' a Dive (S.O.S - 1981)Revenge (S.O.S - 1981)Death Stage (S.O.S - 1981)Heads Down and Rock (Amazon - 1982)That Woman (Amazon - 1982)Devils Disciple (Amazon - 1982)What if the Devil Wins (Demo - 1984)Devil's Disciple (Demo - 1984) Rating: 92% Lineup Pete Inskip: Vocals (S.O.S & Amazon) Bren Spencer: Vocals (Demo 1984) Tony Donohue: Guitars John Hughes: Guitars (Demo 1984) Rob Hall: Bass Dave Hill: Drums Moz: Drums (Demo...

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H-Bomb – Unreleased Demo (1983)

Band: H-Bomb Release: Unreleased Demo Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: France Year: 1983 Label: Self-Released Buy H-Bomb T-Shirt Tracklist Coup De MetalChasseur De FrimeH-BombRêve De PuissanceCondamne À MortLe Pire Et L'enferSexes ExcitésLes SeigneursSubstance MortMassacreGwendoline Rating: 88% Lineup Didier Izard: Vocals Christian Martin: Guitars Armando Ferreira: Guitars Gerard Michel: Drums Philippe Garcia:...

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Hatred (Swe) – Demos (1987-1990)

Band: Hatred (Swe) Release: Demos: “Winds of Doom” (1987), “Welcome to Reality” (1989), “The Forthcoming Fall” (1990) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987, 1989, 1990 Label: Self-Released Tracklist DaydreamAntichristCrazy WorldTroops of MetalIntroAnnihilationTempted by ViolenceQuest for LibertyState EclipseThe ReinforcementThe AwakeningStrangeholdNo AllegianceOutro Rating: 88% Lineup Thomas “Lundin” Lyon: Vocals Johan Jansson: Guitars Kenneth Wiklund: Guitars Sonny Svedlund: Drums Thomas Andersson:...

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The Beast (US) – Power Metal/Born To Metalize/Demo ’86 (1983-1986)

Band: The Beast (US) Release: Power Metal/Born To Metalize/Demo ’86 (EP/Split/Demo) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1983-1986 Label: “Power Metal” released on Mutha Records/”Born To Metalize” released on Megaforce Records Buy from: Discogs Tracklist The Beast ("Power Metal")Radical Man ("Power Metal")Enemy Ace ("Power Metal")The Shape ("Power Metal")Intro - One Night In Old Bridge ("Born to Metalize")Randall Flagg ("Born to Metalize")Is This Life? ("Born to Metalize")The Shape ("Born to Metalize")King Of Screams ("Demo '86)In The End ("Demo '86)Pitbull Terror ("Demo '86)Assunder ("Demo '86) Rating: 92% Lineup Scott Ruth: Vocals Guitars: Ron “Ace” Acera, Jack Pitzer, Shaune Kelley Drums: Doug Ryan, JoJo...

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