Messiah Force – The Last Day (1987)

Band: Messiah Force Release: The Last Day  (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 1987 Label: Haissem Buy from: eBay Tracklist The SequelCall From the NightWatch OutWhite NightSpirit KillerSilent TyrantHero's SagaThe Last DayThe Third One Rating: 90% Lineup Lynn Renaud: Vocals Bastien Deschênes: Guitars Jean Tremblay: Guitars Jean-Francois Boucher: Drums Eric Parisé:...

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Axxion – Axxion (2012)

Band: Axxion Release: Axxion (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2012 Label: Released by Heavy Forces Records Facebook Page Buy from: eBay | BigCartel Review The Canadian heavy metal assault took off by storm in recent years, spawning some of the most versatile and impressive bands to have ever emerged since the glorious days of the 80s.  Having shared experiences with numerous bands from this very scene, Axxion have not only forged together a cult following through their compelling sounds, but have gathered with them some very talented individuals.  And with the recent addition of Sir Shred, known for his rapid, yet precise solos and riffing;...

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Lord Ryür – Pact With the Sinner (1986)

Band: Lord Ryür Release: Pact With the Sinner (Single) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1986 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note One of the greatest Canadian metal singles, where only 100 or so copies are known to exist!  Very spooky sounding, especially through the vocal work, which is by far one of the most unique I’ve ever heard.  Still trying to understand how these talented dudes never received a record deal or ever released a proper full-length record.  Nevertheless,  Lord Ryür remain one of my favorite unknown bands, especially since they come from my hometown of Montreal! Support the...

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Sacred Blade – Of the Sun + Moon (1986)

Band: Sacred Blade Release: Of the Sun + Moon (Full-Length) Genre: Progressive/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1986 Label: Black Dragon Records Note I urge everyone to pick this gem of an album as soon as possible!  Classic power metal at its finest! Highlights: “Of the Sun + Moon”, “Salem” and “Moon” Tracklist Ayltuthus IAyltuthus IIOf The Sun + MoonFieldz The SunshrineSalemThe Reign Of Night RainzLegacyTo Lunar Windz...The Enlightenment - Master Of The SunThe PressingIn Light Of The MoonMoon Rating: 92% Lineup Jeff Ulmer: Guitars, Vocals Will Rascan: Guitars Paul Davis: Drums James Channing:...

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Breaker – In Days of Heavy Metal (1982)

Band: Breaker Release: In Days of Heavy Metal (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1982 Label: Iron Head Buy from: eBay Review I know what you all might be thinking right from reading the band’s info and yes, Canada actually did produce some amazing metal records throughout the 80s, but what’s really obscure about Breaker‘s only release is that it is just so ahead of its time in terms of their songwriting and undoubted raw talent.  We’re talking about 1982 here, a year where the NWOBHM was at its peak and almost all bands at the time played a...

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