Rapid Tears – Cry For Mercy (1984)

Band: Rapid Tears Release: Cry For Mercy (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 1984 Label: Chameleon Records Buy from: eBay Note The title track for this highly overlooked EP is simply worthy to be regarded as heavy metal heaven.  The way the intro builds up to the main riffs can easily have me headbanging for days on end.  The magic that is also being emitted from the chorus is exactly the reason why I love this genre oh so much.  Hail! Tracklist Tossin' Turnin'Eve Of RockElectric ShockwaveCry For Mercy Rating: 92% Lineup Brian Frank: Vocals Clayton Bonin: Guitars Michael...

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Rapid Tears – Honestly (1982)

Band: Rapid Tears Release: Honestly (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 1982 Label: Chameleon Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist SurvivalHeadbangEliminatorActress Of PassionVariationsOperation AirliftWonderlandDown On YouTomorrowHere To HeavenKeep Runnin' Rating: 82% Lineup Brian Frank: Vocals Michael J. Miller: Guitars Clayton Bonin: Guitars Jon Win: Bass Rick Nemes:...

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Black Knight – Master of Disaster (1985)

Band: Black Knight Release: Master of Disaster (EP/Released as full-length with bonus tracks 6-12) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released in 1985/Re-released as a compilation in 2005 by Cult Metal Classics Records Buy from: eBay Highlights: “Warlord’s Wrath”, “Aaraigathor”, “Master of Disaster”, “Day of the Wizard”, “Dead of Knight” and “Battlefield” Tracklist Warlord's WrathMetal ScreamsBorn to RockAaraigathor (Metal Anthem)Master of DisasterFire in Your EyesDay of the WizardDead of KnightMaster of Disaster IIBattlefieldBlack KnightOne More Night Rating: 95% Lineup Lori “Scream Queen” Wilde (Not Pictured): Vocals Chris Hopkinson (Pictured on the far-right): Vocals on “Master of Disaster II”,...

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