Manacle – Rehearsal Tape (2013)

Band: Manacle Release: Rehearsal Tape (Demo) *Self-Made Album Cover* Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Facebook Review Well, Canada, you just know how to do heavy metal right, don’t you?  Hailing from Toronto, the same city that brought us Skull Fist, Midnight Malice and Axxion among others, the newly formed MANACLE is the conglomeration of three dudes driven by the sheer force of raw and classic heavy metal.  And I must emphasize the term “raw” here… you’ll be blown away by the utter brutality of the production quality; regardless if this was deliberate or a result...

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Osiris (Can) – Demos + EP (1986-1993)

Band: Osiris Release: Compilation of Demos and EP: “Osiris 1st Edition (1986)”, “The Hand of Fate (1989)”, “Osiris (1992)”, “Osiris 2nd Edition EP (1993)” Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: Canada Year: 1986-1993 Label: Self-Released Review As a Canadian, it’s almost impossible not to feel a sense of pride when one of your country’s bands releases some of the most amazing heavy metal ever heard.  Within the underground metal scene, countries around the world have had their share of heavy metal glory.  To put this into perspective, Sweden has Gotham City and Heavy Load, France has Sortilege and ADX, Germany has...

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Blind Vengeance – Blind Vengeance (1985)

Band: Blind Vengeance Release: Blind Vengeance (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 1985 Label: Ricker Buy from: eBay Note Extremely powerful heavy metal from Canada.  Harry Hess’ deep and aggressive singing accentuates the harsher melodies throughout all of the band’s songs.  Blind Vengenace truly do bring forth a very unique sound, as it very much reminds me of a heavier version of certain glam metal acts.  One thing I can definitely be sure of with this release is that Canada almost never disappoints in delivering some of the most amazing metal ever heard!  Cheers and hails! Tracklist Night MusicLeave Me TonightMannequinGravemakerMetal...

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Thunder Rider – Tales of Darkness and Light (1989)

Tooltip Text Band: Thunder Rider Release: Tales of Darkness and Light (Full-Length) Genre: Epic/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1989 Label: Dance Planet Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Death to DeathElectric ChairExecutionerFor Christ's SakeRain DanceBlackwingGalaxyPreacher Rating: 82% Lineup John “Skull” Blackwing: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Flute Bruce “Arion Axmun: Corian: Guitars Pat Hammer: Drums Nick Stilldream:...

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Axxion – Wild Racer (2013)

Band: Axxion Release: Wild Racer (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2013 Label: High Roller Records Buy from: BigCartel | eBay Facebook Page Review Axxion (pronounced “action”) are at it again with their long-awaited debut LP entitled “Wild Racer”! Well, what else can I say about this extravagantly talented band?  From their very first released song to now, these dudes (and dudette, of course) have definitely proved themselves throughout the process, and with the creation of new material, a music video and a dedicated following, the wild racer that is Axxion has never shown signs of slowing down.  The dedication to...

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