Kingsbane (Can) – Kingsbane (1991)

Band: Kingsbane Release: Kingsbane (Full-Length) Genre: Progressive/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1991 Label: Self-Released Note Canada’s definitive answer to Fates Warning/Crimson Glory.  The level of intricacy needed to put this fabulous demo together is absolutely awe-inspiring, and it surely makes me even more proud to be Canadian.  Toronto’s own Kingsbane will definitely keep you hooked for years and years… Fans of Kingsbane should check out Osiris (also from Canada). Tracklist The Wages of SinLost in TimeDreamscapeThe Edge of AbyssRite of PassageDestiny Awaits Rating: 95% Lineup Fabian Madeleine: Vocals Matt Draper: Guitars Mark Stewartson: Guitars Dan Russell: Drums Tom Rokicki:...

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Gatekrashör – Gatekrashör (2014)

Band: Gatekrashör Release: Gatekrashör (Full-Length) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Label: War on Music/Hard and Heavy Records Bandcamp | Facebook Review Canadian gritty speed metallers Gatekrashör are back again to attack us with their brand new debut full-length album, which follows up on the success of the “Fear of Attack“ EP released back in 2012.  If you dudes haven’t been introduced to Gatekrashör yet (it’s a damn crime if you haven’t), well expect nothing but an abundance of aggressive speed metal at blistering speeds; just enough to get that neck of yours nice and stiff after a vigorous Gatekrashör session. Led by...

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Chyld (Can) – Lite the Nite/Tell Me a Lie (1986)

Band: Chyld Release: Lite the Nite/Ye Morlok/Tell Me a Lie (Single) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1986 Label: Chyldish Records Buy from: eBay Reverbnation Note Spawned within the depths of Toronto, Canada, Chyld sadly only released three songs on two separate singles in 1986 that would eventually cement their place in Canadian metal history.  After a growing demand for their material to be released, both singles were re-pressed and the band reformed with the hopes of releasing a new album.  Until now, we can only expect nothing but classic stuff from the guys at Chyld! Tracklist Lite the NiteYe...

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Mad Parish – Procession (2014)

Band: Mad Parish  Release: Procession (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Contact: Buy and listen to the album Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Band Website Review There comes a time when you discover such an extraordinary band that you become almost completely baffled by their lack of popularity.  This statement can surely be recycled a thousand times over for thousands of overlooked bands out there, especially within the heavy metal genre.  No matter how extensive heavy metal has become over the last 35 years, there will always be amazingly talented bands that will unfortunately get thrown under the...

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Spell (Can) – The Full Moon Sessions (2014)

Band: Spell Release: The Full Moon Sessions (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Label: Hard and Heavy Records Buy the Album Facebook Review The Canadian heavy metal assault is still very much alive and well, and even more so with the addition of Vancouver’s own Spell and their very first full-length album entitled “The Full Moon Sessions”.  The band has actually been around for a bit of time, having formed in 2007, where they were known as Stryker up until their recent name change to Spell in 2013.  With their very first full-length album released on the great Hard and Heavy Records label, Spell have finally...

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