Black Metal

Lucifugum – Path of Wolf (1996)

Band: Lucifugum Release: Path of Wolf (Demo) Genre: Black Metal Country: Ukraine Year: 1996 Label: Oriana Music Note The name “Lucifugum” should definitely come to mind when you think about 90s black metal.  Although not the most well-known band within this category, Lucifugum, along with sister band Nokturnal Mortum, impressively set the standard for Slavic proto-symphonic black metal.  “The Mysterious Garden” will sure enough win you over. Tracklist On Search Of My SoulBringing By RainThe Mysterious Garden (Hymn To The Black Art)The SabbathWolves... Rating: 88% Lineup Faunus: Vocals Bal-a-Myth (R.I.P): Guitars, Bass Khlyst: Lyrics Saturious: Keyboards Knjaz Varggoth: Guitars on...

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Ahvawe – Drink Till You … (2014)

Band: Ahvawe Release: Drink Till You Fucking Puke Your Liver Out (Demo) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Mexico Year: 2014 Label: Self-Released Download (Bandcamp) Facebook Review Fueled by the likes of Bulldozer, Hellhammer and Venom comes Ahvawe, Mexico’s answer to early 80s black/speed metal.  Raw and gritty are two words that surely define Ahvawe‘s music; mindless thrashing fun is exactly what these dudes live for, and they show it off pretty damn well on their debut demo.  All metalheads sometimes feel the need to take a break from the vast technical caliber that so many bands offer and settle for some senseless thrashing fun, and Ahvawe sure as hell delivers in that respect. Be sure to show your support by visiting Ahvawe‘s Facebook page! Tracklist Drink Till You Fucking Puke Your Liver Out Demo by Ahvawe Rating: 75%   Lineup Buttfaced Bastard: Vocals, Guitars Vomitron: Guitars Speed Hate Killer: Drums Zombie T.:...

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Bulldozer – Fallen Angel (1984)

Band: Bulldozer Release: Fallen Angel (Demo) Genre: Speed/Black Metal Country: Italy Year: 1984 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Italy’s finest black/speed metal band, Bulldozer, with their very first release entitled “Fallen Angel”, which inevitably kickstarted these young talented guys into underground heavy metal stardom.  With the following release of four essential albums throughout the mid to late 80s, Bulldozer‘s one of a kind sound that meshed the harshness and dirtiness of early black metal with the harmonies of speed metal was first teased on this very demo. Tracklist Fallen AngelAnother Beer (Is What I Need) Rating: 88% Lineup A.C. Wild:...

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Bulldozer – The Day of Wrath (1985)

Band: Bulldozer Release: The Day of Wrath (Full-Length) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Italy Year: 1985 Label: Roadrunner Records Buy from: eBay  Tracklist The ExorcismCut ThroatInsurrection Of The Living DamnedFallen AngelThe Great DeceiverMad ManWhisky TimeWelcome DeathEndless Funeral Rating: 90% Lineup A.C. Wild: Bass, Vocals Andy Panigada: Guitars Don Adras:...

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Zadkiel – Hell’s Bomber (1986)

Band: Zadkiel Release: Hell’s Bomber (EP) Genre: Black/Speed Metal Country: Japan Year: 1986 Label: Hold Up Buy from: eBay Review Have you ever wondered what would happen if black metal and speed metal legends Venom and Motorhead ever mated?  Well, simply put, they surely would’ve given birth to this monstrosity (in a good way), also known as Zadkiel, hailing from the faraway nation of Japan.  Simply put, Zadkiel play a style very similar to Sabbat, one of the most important bands to ever come out of Japan.  From what you can possibly guess, Zadkiel‘s music is inevitably dark and can get quite...

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