Axxion – Wild Racer (2013)

Band: Axxion Release: Wild Racer (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2013 Label: High Roller Records Buy from: BigCartel | eBay Facebook Page Review Axxion (pronounced “action”) are at it again with their long-awaited debut LP entitled “Wild Racer”! Well, what else can I say about this extravagantly talented band?  From their very first released song to now, these dudes (and dudette, of course) have definitely proved themselves throughout the process, and with the creation of new material, a music video and a dedicated following, the wild racer that is Axxion has never shown signs of slowing down.  The dedication to...

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Axxion – Axxion (2012)

Band: Axxion Release: Axxion (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Canada Year: 2012 Label: Released by Heavy Forces Records Facebook Page Buy from: eBay | BigCartel Review The Canadian heavy metal assault took off by storm in recent years, spawning some of the most versatile and impressive bands to have ever emerged since the glorious days of the 80s.  Having shared experiences with numerous bands from this very scene, Axxion have not only forged together a cult following through their compelling sounds, but have gathered with them some very talented individuals.  And with the recent addition of Sir Shred, known for his rapid, yet precise solos and riffing;...

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