Dark Forest (UK) – The Awakening (2014)

Band: Dark Forest (UK) Release: The Awakening (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Power Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 2014 Label: Cruz del Sur Music  Buy from: No Remorse (includes bonus track) | Bandcamp Facebook Review I discovered  Dark Forest through their current singer’s (Josh Winnard) previous band Wytch Hazel.  In it, he was the band’s lead guitarist, and, along with fellow singer/guitarist Colin Hendra, played a unique mesh of heavy metal and medieval music.  When I first heard that Winnard quit Wytch Hazel in order to focus on Dark Forest, I knew right away that I had to give them a listen.  Interestingly...

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Gatekrashör – Gatekrashör (2014)

Band: Gatekrashör Release: Gatekrashör (Full-Length) Genre: Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Label: War on Music/Hard and Heavy Records Bandcamp | Facebook Review Canadian gritty speed metallers Gatekrashör are back again to attack us with their brand new debut full-length album, which follows up on the success of the “Fear of Attack“ EP released back in 2012.  If you dudes haven’t been introduced to Gatekrashör yet (it’s a damn crime if you haven’t), well expect nothing but an abundance of aggressive speed metal at blistering speeds; just enough to get that neck of yours nice and stiff after a vigorous Gatekrashör session. Led by...

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Mad Parish – Procession (2014)

Band: Mad Parish  Release: Procession (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 2014 Contact: Buy and listen to the album Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Band Website Review There comes a time when you discover such an extraordinary band that you become almost completely baffled by their lack of popularity.  This statement can surely be recycled a thousand times over for thousands of overlooked bands out there, especially within the heavy metal genre.  No matter how extensive heavy metal has become over the last 35 years, there will always be amazingly talented bands that will unfortunately get thrown under the...

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Spellcaster – Spellcaster (2014)

Band: Spellcaster Release: Spellcaster Genre: Heavy/Power/Speed Metal Country: United States Year: 2014 Label: Self-Released Facebook | Bandcamp | Website | YouTube Buy the Album and Band Merch Review It has been three excruciatingly long years since the release of US speed metallers Spellcaster‘s seminal debut album “Under the Spell”. The abrasive yet melodious fierceness in the guitar and vocal work on “Under the Spell” immediately cemented the band’s position in underground heavy metal stardom, so much so that many people, including myself, proclaimed the album as being one of 2011’s best.  It would therefore be a challenging task for any band...

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Seven Sisters (UK) – No Guts, No Glory (2014)

Band: Seven Sisters Release: No Guts, No Glory (Demo) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 2014 Label: Self-Released Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp Review A new band has been forged from the undying influence of the NWOBHM movement!  With the very recent release of their first official track “No Guts, No Glory”, UK metallers Seven Sisters have surely graced the heavy metal world, and fans alike have without a doubt welcomed them with open arms. What immediately struck me about Seven Sisters is their vocalist, Josh Winnard, who, is better known for his work with other notable acts within the underground heavy...

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