BAT – Primitive Age (2013)

Band: BAT Release: Primitive Age (Demo) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: United States Year: 2013 Label: Tankcrimes Records Ryan Waste’s Heavy Metal Web Series: Living Fast Facebook Buy the Album (MP3) | Buy the Album (Cassette) | Band Merch Review Risen from the undying influence of the early 80s speed/black/thrash wave, the primitive metal powerhouse that is BAT is here deliver nothing more than a downright neck-breaking experience with the release of their very first demo “Primitive Age”.  The origins of BAT began in 2013 through the formation of three already-established musicians within the heavy metal scene: bassist/vocalist Ryan Waste and guitarist Nick Poulos are most notably...

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Angel Sword – Ripping the Heavens (2013)

 Band: Angel Sword Release: Ripping the Heavens (EP) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Finland Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Download Facebook Review I was recently contacted by Jerry Razors from the mighty Angel Sword to include their newest EP onto the blog for your listening pleasure.  These dudes play a raw and gritty style of heavy metal, whereby the vocals surely accentuate a certain “punk” atmosphere to the band’s repertoire.  Although the whole listening experience is fairly short, each track delivers that same burst of energy needed to make you come back for more.  All in all, this is nothing...

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Manacle – Rehearsal Tape (2013)

Band: Manacle Release: Rehearsal Tape (Demo) *Self-Made Album Cover* Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Canada Year: 2013 Label: Self-Released Facebook Review Well, Canada, you just know how to do heavy metal right, don’t you?  Hailing from Toronto, the same city that brought us Skull Fist, Midnight Malice and Axxion among others, the newly formed MANACLE is the conglomeration of three dudes driven by the sheer force of raw and classic heavy metal.  And I must emphasize the term “raw” here… you’ll be blown away by the utter brutality of the production quality; regardless if this was deliberate or a result...

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Eternal Thirst – Illuminati Army (2013)

Band: Eternal Thirst Release: Illuminati Army (Single) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Chile Year: 2013 Label: Defrente Records Facebook To purchase the single, please message the guys on their facebook page! Review I was recently contacted by the bass guitarist of Eternal Thirst, Hugo Alvarez, with the hopes of possibly adding his band’s material onto the blog.  Now I normally don’t accept such offers, mainly because I am usually contacted by bands that I don’t simply like enough to reveal to the metal community.  Nevertheless, I have always known that the right band, with the right sound would finally come...

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Stallion – Mounting the World (2013)

Band: Stallion Release: Mounting the World (EP) Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Germany Year: 2013 Label: Sarlacc Productions/High Roller Records Facebook Buy from: Band Store | eBay Review It’s been 6 months since I first heard Stallion‘s incredible demo.  That means 6 months of relentless agony in waiting to get my hands on their upcoming record.  Well, it is safe to say that the day has finally come and holy hell was it worth the wait.  Now if this is the first time you dudes hear about Stallion, make sure to take a look at my previous review on their absolutely fantastic demo,...

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