Wytch Hazel – Surrender (2011)

Band: Wytch Hazel Release: Surrender (Single) Genre: NWOBHM/Hard Rock Country: United Kingdom Year: 2011 Label: Self-Released Buy the Single in Digital Format! Buy on eBay | Buy the follow-up EP “The Truth” Order the compilation from High Roller Records, which features this single and Wytch Hazel’s later EP! Review The sudden revival of the NWOBHM in recent years has sparked a large following of bands who are being influenced by the sheer tenacity of this powerful movement.  The wonders of discovering a band that perfectly replicates the rawness of the NWOBHM (as well as adhering to the musical structure and...

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Volture – Rulebreaker (2011)

Band: Volture Release: Rulebreaker (Single) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 2011 Label: Tankcrimes Download Buy from: Bandcamp | eBay Facebook | Merch Review I recently picked up this monster of a single at my local record store a couple of weeks ago, after stumbling upon it while making a purchase of another LP.  Seeing as though I have heard of this band and knew what they were about, I immediately picked it up and at 7$, I don’t think anyone would pass up on this deal.  Anyway, I got home, and popped this sucker in…  I was instantly hooked...

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