Scald (Rus) – Will of Gods is a Great Power (1996)

Band: Scald Release: Will of Gods is a Great Power (Full-Length) Genre: Epic Doom/Viking Metal Country: Russia Year: 1996 Label: MetalAgen Note One of my favorite Russian releases to date.  Scald‘s “Will of Gods is a Great Power” is THE go-to album for anyone craving a more atmospheric approach to Bathory‘s seminal “Viking-era” sound.  Sadly, Agyl’s bone-chilling vocals were laid to rest when he suddenly passed away in 1997, inevitably leading to Scald‘s sudden disbandment.  I have yet to find a better band than Scald that can harmoniously and almost effortlessly blend elements of both Bathory and Dark Quarterer in...

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Talisphere – Talisphere (1996)

Band: Talisphere Release: Talisphere (Demo) Genre: Power/Progressive Metal Country: United States Year: 1996 Label: Self-Released Note Talisphere were among the handful of bands that released some of the most amazing US progressive metal throughout the early to mid 90s, bearing this very demo as their sole release.  From the fist-pounding drums to the soaring vocals, to the ever-so-technical guitar riffs, it is almost impossible not to get a kick out of this one! Tracklist PreventionSearch For The HorizonBitter Cold Rating: 95% Lineup Chris Cronk: Vocals John Piarro: Guitars Sean Noone: Guitars Mario Sevilla: Drums Henry Sanchez:...

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Pettypew – Against the Stream of Influence (1996)

Band: Pettypew Release: Against the Stream of Influence (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Speed Metal Country: Germany Year: 1996 Label: Face Records Buy from: eBay Note A truly lost gem from the buried depths of Germany!  These talented dudes were quite late to the heavy metal scene in terms of their musical structure, and for this album being released in 1996 of course.  Expect to be blown away by the harmonies that each track just so naturally emits, as well as Thomas Schwarz’ raspy and thrashy voice that is very reminiscent to Rolf from Running Wild! Tracklist ImortalChatoogaChild Of MiseryNo TomorrowCowardDiary Of A DyingAgainst...

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William J Tsamis – Sea of Tranquility (1996)

Band: William J Tsamis (Warlord) Release: Sea of Tranquility (Full-Length) Genre: Keyboard Instrumental Country: United States Year: 1996 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Review Although not fitting in quite well with the concept of heavy metal, we all, some time or another, come across a completely different piece of art that is just as powerful, moving and mystical as the greatness of heavy metal.  Here we have Bill Tsamis, notable from one of the greatest bands to have ever lived, Warlord and from his side-project known as Lordian Guard.  For all of you who are quite familiar with the great...

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