Hatred (Swe) – Demos (1987-1990)

Band: Hatred (Swe) Release: Demos: “Winds of Doom” (1987), “Welcome to Reality” (1989), “The Forthcoming Fall” (1990) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987, 1989, 1990 Label: Self-Released Tracklist DaydreamAntichristCrazy WorldTroops of MetalIntroAnnihilationTempted by ViolenceQuest for LibertyState EclipseThe ReinforcementThe AwakeningStrangeholdNo AllegianceOutro Rating: 88% Lineup Thomas “Lundin” Lyon: Vocals Johan Jansson: Guitars Kenneth Wiklund: Guitars Sonny Svedlund: Drums Thomas Andersson:...

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Ageless Wisdom (Gre) – Demo ’90 (1990)

 Band: Ageless Wisdom Release: Demo ’90 Genre: Epic Metal Country: Greece Year: 1990 Label: Self-Released Note Extremely rare epic heavy metal by Greece’s own Ageless Wisdom!  The band’s only release, the ’90 demo, is nothing but pure magic, as they were able to forge a sound that closely resembles the great Manilla Road, especially through the obscure vocal work of Sotiris.  For the avid heavy metal fan, it might take a few listens to get used to Sotiris’ unique voice, but, in the end, it fits damn well with the band’s repertoire, so much so that it’s almost hard...

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AES (Ita) – AES (1990)

 Band: AES Release: AES (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Italy Year: 1990 Label: G.L. 80 Note Another recently requested album!  I don’t think there are many physically or digital copies of this one around any more.  Judging from the band’s overall sound, they are a bit more harsh and gritty than what I’m used to, with regards to the 80s Italian heavy metal scene.  Nonetheless, it is still very much enjoyable; check out some of the highlights like “Killer Jo” or “Power Metal”! Tracklist Wind is RaisingCruel WorldKiller JoEarth of FirePower MetalNo More Breaths at AllLet's RideFreeman Rating: 83%...

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