Delusions of Grandeur – Picture Perfect Martyr (1989)

Band: Delusions of Grandeur Release: Picture Perfect Martyr (EP) Genre: New Wave Country: United States Year: 1989 Label: Acid Ceiling *Courtesy of Willfully Obscure* Buy from: Discogs Note Time for something different for a change.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the whole new wave scene, whereby everything from post-punk to jangle pop seems to fill the void that heavy metal often creates (for me at least).  I’ve been obsessing over this kind of music for the last year now, hence the lack of newly-uploaded albums.  It becomes incredibly tiresome to upload material you’re just not that into at the moment, which also explains the...

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Asylum Party – Borderline (1989)

  Band: Asylum Party Release: Borderline (Full-Length) Genre: Post-Punk Country: France Year: 1989 Label: Lively Art Note: One of the true representatives of punk in the mid-80s, Asylum Party, releases their full-length album Borderline: a true must-hear for every punk / metal-head / rock fan. Each track radiates Asylum Party‘s unique, apathetically cold excellence, and the album itself gives off a heavy, chilled, dark vibe, in their tone as well as lyricism. The whole mood is accentuated by heavy synth strings, flat percussion, and a dry bass sound. Borderline is a good album for easy listening, adding to your LP collection, or just for general exploration...

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