Disorder (USA) – Demo (1989)

Band: Disorder (USA) Release: Demo 1989 Genre: Power/Progressive/Thrash Metal Country: United States Year: 1989 Label: Self-Released Note Disorder‘s first and only full-fledged release perfectly showcases the band’s obsession with sounding as aggressive yet demonically melodic as possible.  Think Crimson Glory and Solar Eagle with a dash of Fatal Violence to bring out the slight thrash factor. Tracklist WarmongerEnding Is NearSix Feet UnderFightin For Life Rating: 92% Lineup Don Hamann: Vocals Eric Haglund: Guitars Vernon Voss: Guitars Tony Rios: Drums Bill Modica:...

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Pariah (UK) – Blaze of Obscurity (1989)

Band: Pariah Release: Blaze of Obscurity (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Thrash Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1989 Label: Steamhammer Buy from: Discogs | eBay Tracklist Missionary of MercyPuppet RegimeCanaryBlaze Of ObscurityRetaliate!HypochondriacEnemy WithinThe Brotherhood Rating: 88% Lineup Michael Jackson: Vocals Russ Tippins: Guitars Steve Ramsey: Guitars Sean Taylor: Drums Graeme...

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Hatred (Swe) – Demos (1987-1990)

Band: Hatred (Swe) Release: Demos: “Winds of Doom” (1987), “Welcome to Reality” (1989), “The Forthcoming Fall” (1990) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987, 1989, 1990 Label: Self-Released Tracklist DaydreamAntichristCrazy WorldTroops of MetalIntroAnnihilationTempted by ViolenceQuest for LibertyState EclipseThe ReinforcementThe AwakeningStrangeholdNo AllegianceOutro Rating: 88% Lineup Thomas “Lundin” Lyon: Vocals Johan Jansson: Guitars Kenneth Wiklund: Guitars Sonny Svedlund: Drums Thomas Andersson:...

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Mагнит (Magnet) – День гнева (Dies Irae) (1989)

Band: Магнит (Magnet) Release: День гнева (Dies Irae) (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal Country: Russia Year: 1989 Label: Мелодия (Melodia) Tracklist Работай! (Work!)Мы живём, под собою не чуя страны (We Exist Without Feeling Our Land Underneath)Интродукция и ария на тему Б. Марчелло (Introduction And Aria After B. Marcello)Элеонора (Eleonora)Меморандум (Memorandum)Ностальгия (Nostalgia)Храни огонь (Keep The Fire) Rating: 88% Lineup Sergei Lugansky: Vocals (Tracks 1, 4, 7) Karen Melik: Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 6), Keyboards Vyacheslav Rukhlov: Guitars Alexander Larionov: Guitars Sergei Makarov: Guitars (Track 3) Aleksei Saveliev: Keyboards German Smirnov: Bass Vladimir Gladkovich:...

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