Glacier – Demo ’88 (1988)

Band: Glacier Release: Demo 1988 Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1988 Label: Self-Released Note Arguably one of the most well-produced and intricitally-written demos I have ever heard.  This right here guys is without a doubt the epitome of US power metal! The magic that is Glacier will forever be engraved in the history of heavy metal. Tracklist Eastern GunsThe Blind Leadin' The BlindThe Writers EyeSilence Is Golden Rating: 100 % Lineup Tim Lachman: Vocals (Not Pictured) Mehdi Farjami: Guitars Patrick S. Goebel: Guitars Loren “The Master” Bates: Drums Troy Ketsdever:...

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Scanner – Hypertrace (1988)

Band: Scanner Release: Hypertrace (Full-Length) Genre: Power Metal Country: Germany Year: 1988 Label: Noise Records Buy from: eBay | No Remorse Review As most of you may know, power metal and Germany go together hand in hand.  Here we have one of the greatest power metal albums to have ever been released, where Scanner produce a sound like no other, fusing clear influences of early Helloween with their own “space-like” feel to it.  The result is just remarkable.  The mere fact that the lyrics comprised of journeys to space cemented the whole idea of fantasy into the whole power metal genre...

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FOR AGAINST – December (1988)

Band: For Against Release: December Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock Country: USA Year: 1988 Label: Independent Project Records Purchase (Discogs) Website Note: December is a light, somewhat psychedelic album release that’s not much longer than half an hour, released in 1988 by America’s indie act, For Against. The band was formed in 1984, and kept on producing into the late 2000s, like a hard-rock version of Depeche Mode. The album starts with a quick-paced track, which sets a good tone for the rest of the album. It features the lyrics of Jeffrey Runnings, and are typically mysterious: different yet everyday, simple...

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Colour Scream – Living and Dying (1988)

Band: Colour Scream Release: Living and Dying (EP) Genre: New Wave/Post-Punk Country: United States Year: 1988 Label: Whet Reign Records Note Colour Scream were a tiny band from California who, for the most part of this EP, had a fascination with meshing the gloomy and abrasive sound of post-punk with the spirit and “danceability” of synthpop.  For some odd reason, the vocals sound almost entirely similar to Jason Decay’s vocal delivery (of Cauldron fame). Interestingly enough, the members of Cauldron are no strangers to dipping their feet in the world of new wave, as they covered Gowan‘s “Moonlight Desires” not too long ago.  Be sure to give “Will My Fear”, “Across the...

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