Pariah (UK) – The Kindred (1988)

Band: Pariah Release: The Kindred (Full-Length) Genre: Power/Thrash Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1988 Label: Steamhammer Buy from: Discogs | eBay Tracklist GerrymanderThe RopeScapegoatForeign BodiesLa GuerraInhumaneKilling For CompanyIcons Of HypocrisyPromise of Remembrance Rating: 85% Lineup Michael Jackson: Vocals Russ Tippins: Guitars Steve Ramsey: Guitars Sean Taylor: Drums Graeme...

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Vavel (Gre) – The Second Death (1988)

Band: Vavel (Gre) Release: The Second Death (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Greece Year: Recorded in 1988, Released in 2003 Label: Unisound Records Buy from: Discogs Tracklist Just For RockConfusionLet Me TryChristmas TimeThe Second DeathLet Me TryUnitedLies In Your Eyes Rating: 85% Lineup Pavlos Gavrilidis: Vocals Dimitris Andritsoudis: Guitars Kostas Kiriakides: Drums Pavlos Hatzimeonidis: Keyboards Makis...

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Apostle – Hymns (1988)

Band: Apostle Release: Hymns (Demo) Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1988 Label: Self-Released Note About time I decide to unravel one of Christian heavy metals most praised bands.  Apostle should have definitely been up there with Stryper leading the Christian heavy metal crusade. Tracklist Hymns (instrumental)Vanguard (instrumental)Dragon Slayer (instrumental)I Am PersuadedThe SwordUnlimited PowerSplit the SkyWaiting (instrumental)Holy Soldier Rating: 92% Lineup Matt Harding: Vocals, Guitars David McKee: Drums Ray Schmidt: Bass Tim...

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Tokyo (UK) – Listen to Your Heartbeat + Demos (1985-1989)

Band: Tokyo (UK) Release: Listen to Your Heartbeat EP + Demos Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985-1989 Label: Self-Released Buy from: NEH Records | No Remorse Facebook Tracklist Listen To Your HeartbeatSatisfaction GuaranteedSixteenGreat WhiteTrue JusticeBlack JackHide And SeekI Wish I WasThe Losers Rating: 85% Lineup Mike Dyer: Vocals Guitars: Steve Karr, Mick Clarke, Martin Anderton Drums: Pete Martin, Rod Yates Bass: Phil Newton, Pete Dunn, Stephen James Keyboards: Ian Marshall, Dave Evans, Mark...

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Xandril (Ger) – Demo Collection (1985-1988)

Band: Xandril Release: Rehearsal ’85, Rotting Paradise, The Vision, Perfect Darkness (Demos) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: 1985-1988 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Terminal Breath (Rehearsal '85)Guide the Wind (Rehearsal '85)Little Lady (Rehearsal '85)Lost in Paradise (Rehearsal '85)I Believe (Rehearsal '85)I.F.B. (Rehearsal '85)Terminal Breath (Rotting Paradise)Lost in Paradise (Rotting Paradise)Little Lady (Rotting Paradise)I Believe (Rotting Paradise)Guide the Wind (Rotting Paradise)Avalon (Rotting Paradise)Labyrinth (The Vision)The Bleak (The Vision)Holocaust (The Vision)Perfect Darkness (Perfect Darkness)No Hope (Perfect Darkness)Nearly Dead (Perfect Darkness) Rating: 92% Lineup Bettina Paschen: Vocals Jörg Schrör: Guitars Stephan Philipp: Guitars Marlon Erdmann: Drums André Philip:...

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