Unicorn – The Legend Returns (1987)

Band: Unicorn Release: The Legend Returns (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Germany Year: 1987 Label: E.M.S-Eastwood Buy from: eBay Tracklist The Last CommandEyes On FireThe Return Of The LegendChildren Of Tomorrow Rating: 85% Lineup Jurgen Henkelmann: Vocals Holger Carow: Guitars Michael Blaumeiser: Guitars Manfred Klein: Drums Gunther Klein:...

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Acis – Lawbreaker/A Wanted Man (1987)

Band: Acis Release: Lawbreaker/A Wanted Man (Single) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987 Label: Active Records Review From what I can see right now, I absolutely love Swedish Heavy Metal singles and it seems that most obscure bands never made it to even releasing an EP or a full-length for that matter.  This single by Acis truly screams out “metal hymn”, especially for its A-side, entitled “Lawbreaker”.  This killer track features some amazing vocal works, where you feel almost compelled to chant along with the overly catchy chorus, and that “raise your fist” riff styles.  Hands down, “Lawbreaker” is one...

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The Wild Poppies – Where is Wellington (1987)

Band: The Wild Poppies Release: Where is Wellington (Single) Genre: New Wave Country: New Zealand Year: 1987 Label: Poppie Records Buy from: Discogs | Reissue Note Much like their jangle pop/proto-shoegaze contemporaries, the short-lived The Wild Poppies were masters of their craft, as they knowingly understood the necessity of highlighting each individual instrument.  By isolating each one, you can clearly hear how the guitars are always dissonantly feeding off back and forth according to the vocal melody, all while the emotive drumming and descending bass lines help carry the direction of the song from verse to verse.  The chorus for both tracks are meant to evoke feelings...

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