Millennium (UK) – Millennium + All Demos (1984-1987)

Band: Millennium (UK) Release: Millennium (Full-Length), 1985-1987 Demos Genre: NWOBHM/Power Metal/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1984 -1987 Label: Guardian Records n’ Tapes Buy from: No Remorse (Includes 8 bonus tracks) Review What a monster of an album this one is!  Had Millennium properly caught the NWOBHM wave early on, they would’ve most likely gotten picked up by numerous record companies.  This, along with the dissolution of their record label at the time, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, prevented Millennium from moving forward.  Nevertheless, what we have here is one of the finest examples of the NWOBHM classic sound being intricately...

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Charger (UK) – Desperadoes/Are You Out There (1987)

Band: Charger Release: Desperadoes/Are You Out There (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1987 Label: Bcsk Records Buy from: eBay Note Charger‘s only release entitled “Desperadoes” was fairly late to emerge within the new wave of British heavy metal scene.  If it arrived earlier, this would’ve easily propelled the band into possibly releasing a full-length record.  Nevertheless, this single is one for the ages! Tracklist DesperadoesAre You Out There Rating: 92% Lineup Colin “Col” Bell: Vocals, Bass Barry “Baz” Cummings: Guitars Steve Hall:...

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Warning (Swe) – Armageddon (1987)

Band: Warning Release: Armageddon (Single) Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1987 Label: Active Records Buy from: eBay Note Haling from the land of northern, Sweden, Warning was a fairly short-lived band that only managed to release one single in the two years they’ve been together.  With thrash and NWOBHM influences deeply rooted in the band’s repertoire, “Armageddon” delivers a more dark-sounding record than most 80s Swedish bands I’m used to.  Think Gotham City, only a lot heavier! Tracklist Sword & SorceryArmageddon Rating: 90% Lineup Eric Wikström: Vocals Joachim Lindbäck: Guitars Krister Lindman: Guitars Stefan Åberg: Bass Johan Henriksson:...

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Fast Kutz – Burnin’ (1987)

Band: Fast Kutz Release: Burnin’ (Full-Length) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: UK Year: 1987 Label: Ebony Records Tracklist Burnin'Midnight LoveLooking For LoveDead Or AliveDriving Me CrazyPlay With FireGirls Gone BadFight To Be Free Rating: 80% Lineup Keith Davison: Vocals Kenny Nicholson: Guitars Neville Percivall: Bass Paul Fowler:...

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RetroSatan – Grito Mortal (1987)

Band: RetroSatan Release: Grito Mortal (Original 5-Track Demo with Extra Tracks) Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: Argentina Year: 1987  Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Track #1-5 are taken from the “Grito Mortal” demo; the other tracks are unreleased material that was featured on the 2005 re-release of the record.  Bang your head and enjoy this historic piece of rare Argentinian Heavy Metal!  Pure, raw and evil!! Tracklist Exorcisando La CruzFuego CruzadoEsperando El FinalPlanificando La MuerteGrito MortalMaldicionAlma SatanicaDesde Las EntranasDesafiando Al Bien Rating: 85% Lineup Ruben Cuenca: Vocals Gustavo Fernandez: Guitars Domingo Felicce: Guitars Jorge Sanchez: Drums Damisn Peych:...

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