Xandril (Ger) – Demo Collection (1985-1988)

Band: Xandril Release: Rehearsal ’85, Rotting Paradise, The Vision, Perfect Darkness (Demos) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: 1985-1988 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Terminal Breath (Rehearsal '85)Guide the Wind (Rehearsal '85)Little Lady (Rehearsal '85)Lost in Paradise (Rehearsal '85)I Believe (Rehearsal '85)I.F.B. (Rehearsal '85)Terminal Breath (Rotting Paradise)Lost in Paradise (Rotting Paradise)Little Lady (Rotting Paradise)I Believe (Rotting Paradise)Guide the Wind (Rotting Paradise)Avalon (Rotting Paradise)Labyrinth (The Vision)The Bleak (The Vision)Holocaust (The Vision)Perfect Darkness (Perfect Darkness)No Hope (Perfect Darkness)Nearly Dead (Perfect Darkness) Rating: 92% Lineup Bettina Paschen: Vocals Jörg Schrör: Guitars Stephan Philipp: Guitars Marlon Erdmann: Drums André Philip:...

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Titan (Ger) – Metalfever (1983-1989)

Band: Titan Release: Metalfever (Compilation) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: Recorded from 1983-1989, Released in 2007 Label: German Democratic Recordings Tracklist IntroWas Ganz AnderesNie Mehr AlleinHey BonWir Wollen LebenKleider Machen LeuteSpießerMetalfeverDer MetalfanSchwerer Als Heavy MetalUnklarHistory of TerrorHoly WarThe Last NationBurning GroundCrusaders of DeathWith the Devil Rating: 88% Lineup Kai-Uwe Schneider: Vocals, Guitars Dirk David: Guitars Matthias Eschrich: Guitars Rico Kaps: Bass Thomas Lorenz: Drums Sylvio Zornsch:...

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Plattform – Heavy-Braut (1983-1989)

Band: Plattform Release: Heavy-Braut (Compilation) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Germany Year: 1983-1989 Label: German Democratic Recordings Tracklist He Doctor (Der Simulant)Zieh LeineFliegenHeavy-BrautHaut und HaarLichter der NachtFeuerAbgehaunGefahrHeavy-Braut (live)Fieber (live)Der Schweinehund (live)Shout It Out (live)Abgehaun (live)Haut und Haar (live)Bloodstone (live)Orient-Express (instrumental)StapellaufKalt und heib Rating: 85% Lineup Micky: Vocals (1985-1990) Jacky Lee Man: Vocals (1983) Uwe Rublack: Guitars (1985-1990) Wolle: Guitars (1982-1990) Ulli: Drums Detlef Kotte:...

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Glasgow – Zero Four One (1987)

Band: Glasgow Release: Zero Four One (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1987 Label: Self-Released Tracklist We Will RockSecrets In The DarkBack On The RunMy Heart Is Running With The NightMeet Me HalfwayUnder The LightsNo More Lonely NightsBreakout Rating: 88% Lineup Mick Boyle: Vocals Archie Dickson: Guitars Paul McManus: Drums Neil Russell: Bass Don Airey/Gavin Povey:...

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Black Onyx – Armageddon Skies (1987)

Band: Black Onyx Release: Armageddon Skies (Single) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1987 Label: Bosa Records Buy from: eBay Note The sole official release by short-lived Detroit metallers Black Onyx.  For a single released in 1987, the songwriting and recording production emit a certain NWOBHM vibe, pure and straightforward, and makes for a rather easy listen. Tracklist Armageddon SkiesMiss Fire Rating: 85% Lineup Gerry Litwin: Vocals, Guitars Donny Allen: Guitars Jeff Giovannangeli: Drums Ron Q. T. Owens:...

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