Landslide (Swe) – Demo #2 (1985)

Band: Landslide (Swe) Release: Demo #2 Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Note One of the most incredible obscure Swedish metal demos I have ever come across.  According to a few sources, the band had released up to five demos from 1985 to 1989, all without resulting in a record deal.  What a shame it is that Landslide never got the recognition they deserved, as their hard hitting melodic sound easily gives similar acts like early Europe a run for their money. Tracklist GrinderLost In The Night  Rating: 98% Lineup Lars Hägglund: Vocals Jörgen Lantto: Guitars Göran Hult:...

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Vortex – Metal Bats (1985)

Band: Vortex Release: Metal Bats (EP) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Netherlands Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Note Reigning as one of the Netherlands’ finest heavy metal bands, Vortex are surely known for their distinct sound, as perpetrated by the gritty vocal stylings of Thundervox.  At times, this record feels like a conglomeration of Mercyful Fate tracks, but obviously not as powerful.  Nonetheless, “Metal Bats” is nothing but a solid EP; no surprises, no technical fillers… just raw and gritty heavy metal! Tracklist Gotta Get AwayWith Witches HelpRolling To The WarMetal BatsThe CurseAlienation Rating: 83% Lineup Thundervox: Vocals...

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Tytan – Rough Justice (1985)

Band: Tytan Release: Rough Justice (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Metal Masters Buy from: eBay Note Tytan was a fairly short-lived band that was formed by ex-Angel Witch bassist Kevin Riddles, who performed on their eponymous LP from 1980, as well as many demos and singles.  Now, for starters, Tytan is a completely change of pace as to what Angel Witch is known for; Tytan is, overall, more upbeat, more energetic and certaintly less melancholic.  “Rough Justice”, posthumously released 2 years after the band’s split, is a culmination of classic NWOBHM, and man are there tons...

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Vice – The Demo (1985)

Band: Vice Release: The Demo Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Note Superb neo-classical/traditional metal demo by Vice, a small band from L.A whose guitarist, Chris Impelliteri, would go on to form “Impelliteri” in 1987 alongside vocalist Rob Rock.  If any of you are familiar with Impelliteri, you would immediately notice his signature guitar sound that is heavily influenced by classical music.  This demo marks the debut of both Impelliteri and Rob Rock’s musical career, and what a start it is! Tracklist Scream And ShoutYou Drive Me CrazyBright Lights Rating: 92% Lineup Rob Rock:...

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Ruffians – Ruffians (1985)

Band: Ruffians Release: Ruffians (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Victory One Buy from: No Remorse Tracklist Fight For Your LifeWastelandBad Boys Cut LooseRun For CoverEyes of FireYou're All I Need Rating: 85% Lineup Carl Albert (R.I.P): Vocals Chris Atchison: Guitars Craih Behrhorst: Guitars Luke Bowman: Drums Dan  Moura (R.I.P):...

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