Titan (Ger) – Metalfever (1983-1989)

Band: Titan Release: Metalfever (Compilation) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: Recorded from 1983-1989, Released in 2007 Label: German Democratic Recordings Tracklist IntroWas Ganz AnderesNie Mehr AlleinHey BonWir Wollen LebenKleider Machen LeuteSpießerMetalfeverDer MetalfanSchwerer Als Heavy MetalUnklarHistory of TerrorHoly WarThe Last NationBurning GroundCrusaders of DeathWith the Devil Rating: 88% Lineup Kai-Uwe Schneider: Vocals, Guitars Dirk David: Guitars Matthias Eschrich: Guitars Rico Kaps: Bass Thomas Lorenz: Drums Sylvio Zornsch:...

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Plattform – Heavy-Braut (1983-1989)

Band: Plattform Release: Heavy-Braut (Compilation) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Germany Year: 1983-1989 Label: German Democratic Recordings Tracklist He Doctor (Der Simulant)Zieh LeineFliegenHeavy-BrautHaut und HaarLichter der NachtFeuerAbgehaunGefahrHeavy-Braut (live)Fieber (live)Der Schweinehund (live)Shout It Out (live)Abgehaun (live)Haut und Haar (live)Bloodstone (live)Orient-Express (instrumental)StapellaufKalt und heib Rating: 85% Lineup Micky: Vocals (1985-1990) Jacky Lee Man: Vocals (1983) Uwe Rublack: Guitars (1985-1990) Wolle: Guitars (1982-1990) Ulli: Drums Detlef Kotte:...

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Eisst (Swe) – Demo (1985)

Band: Eisst Release: Demo 1985 Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Note Here we have yet another obscure Swedish demo that follows-up in terms of sound and style with the county’s fellow Viking warrior counterparts such as early Europe, Madison, and Gotham City.  Highlights of this incredible demo include the roaring “Stop This Madness”, the lead-oriented “I’m Not a Loser” and the harmonious instrumental “Black Sun”. Tracklist I'm Not a LoserInstrumentalAngerStop This MadnessBlack Sun Rating: 92% Lineup Niklas Isfeldt: Vocals Håkan Frisk: Guitars Jan Fitz: Bass Anders Fredborg:...

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Millennium (UK) – Millennium + All Demos (1984-1987)

Band: Millennium (UK) Release: Millennium (Full-Length), 1985-1987 Demos Genre: NWOBHM/Power Metal/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1984 -1987 Label: Guardian Records n’ Tapes Buy from: No Remorse (Includes 8 bonus tracks) Review What a monster of an album this one is!  Had Millennium properly caught the NWOBHM wave early on, they would’ve most likely gotten picked up by numerous record companies.  This, along with the dissolution of their record label at the time, Guardian Records n’ Tapes, prevented Millennium from moving forward.  Nevertheless, what we have here is one of the finest examples of the NWOBHM classic sound being intricately...

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Sabre (US) – Keepers of the Sword (1985)

Band: Sabre (US) Release: Keepers of the Sword (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Palace Records Buy from: eBay Note The origins of Sabre began through the formation of four guys serving in the U.S. Army stationed in Karlsruhe, Germany. From 1983-1986 they played in and around the Karlsruhe area drawing crowds wherever they played. In 1985 they recorded “Keepers of the Sword” at Katapulton Studios, where only 500 copies were pressed by Palace Records. It has since become one of the most sought-after underground heavy metal releases, often being purchased for 300-500$! Tracklist...

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