Satanic Rites – Which Way the Wind Blows (1985)

Band: Satanic Rites Release: Which Way the Wind Blows (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Self-Releaseddiv> Review Women and heavy metal have a long and proud history together and there’s no excuse to dislike certain bands because of the so-called “unmasculine-like” nature of their sounds.  Yes, heavy metal might be the sort of music you would tend to associate with men, but there is still a strong fanbase led by women, who are just as dedicated to the steel than anyone else.  That being said, with the likes of Doro, Leather, Acid and even Girlschool, female-fronted bands have always been very much supported and often praised. Satanic Rites, although not as well-known as the others, are no exception.  Their first full-length release proves just how powerful and dynamic female-fronted metal really is, and it has the ability to shift the regular atmosphere of that typical heavy metal sound.  Satanic Rites are indeed a very melodic band, providing us with a different take on that NWOBHM sound we are so fond of.  Yes, keyboards are very much present, but hell, I love the whole vibe it emits, especially when it overlaps the crunching guitars and Deborah Webster’s amazing vocal work.  Classics are indeed present on this album and are quite evident. “Burn in Hell” and “Don’t Tell Lies” are very well written songs and it is safe to say that the vocals do really make...

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Universe – Universe (1985)

Band: Universe Release: Universe (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic/Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1985 Label: Sonet Review Ah! The feeling when you come across a very unknown band that makes you so proud to call yourself a metalhead.  It almost seems that the less people who know a certain band, the more special it becomes for you and I think speak for everyone who pertains to this sensation.  Universe, just like you guessed, is a very obscure band, I mean what else do I put on this blog if it weren’t obscure?  Needless to say, regardless of their fan-base and status, their...

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Glacier – Glacier EP (1985)

Band: Glacier Release: Glacier (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Axe Killer Records Website Review There comes a time when a metalhead discovers the magic of the USPM (US Power Metal) movement that engrossed the minds of many throughout the mid to late 80s. Crunching and overdriven guitar riffs, harmoniously blistering guitar solos, and scorching screams are all aspects that make this very forgotten genre so wonderfully unique (at least in its most primitive stage).  And no were not talking about the same power metal of the 21st century; modern production and keyboards have been minimized...

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Excalibur (UK) – The Bitter End (1985)

Band: Excalibur Release: The Bitter End (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Conquest Buy from: eBay Review If you ever thought the magic of the NWOBHM was over in the mid 80s due to the increased popularity of the thrash and speed metal scenes around the world, UK legends Excalibur sure have the power to change that thought.  1985 seemed like a year where most NWOBHM bands either made it big (Iron Maiden, Saxon), changed their musical style (Def Leppard), or ceased to exist, as seen by the likes of Virtue, Weapon and Diamond Head to name...

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Atomkraft – Future Warriors (1985)

Band: Atomkraft Release: Future Warriors Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985 Label: Neat Records Buy from: eBay Review I’m sure you all remember a small band that completely revolutionized the term “heavy metal”, and served as a main influence for many bands to come.  That’s right, black/speed metal legends Venom is exactly who I’m talking about; watching old videos of some of their shows always convince me that Cronos is a complete and total maniac (in a good way of course).  And why do I bring up Venom you may ask?  For all you Venom fanatics that stayed true...

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