Apostle – White Metal (1985)

Band: Apostle Release: White Metal (EP) Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Tracklist ApostleBread Of LifeCome to the TruthThe WitnessArmageddonKing of KingsBorn AgainParting the Red Sea Rating: 85% Lineup Matt Harding: Vocals, Guitars Bill Box: Drums Mark...

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DEFENDER – Tales of the Unexpected (1985)

Band: Defender Release: Tales of the Unexpected (Demo) Genre: Heavy metal/Power metal Country: The Netherlands Year: 1985 Label: Independent Note: Tales of the Unexpected is a demo released by the Dutch band Defender. Their sound is like a perfect mix between the operatic and marching sounds of Iron Maiden and the heavy drowsiness of Black Sabbath, with the underground indieness of their own. Unlike most of the tracks on the demo, which sound raw and heavy, Tales of the Unexpected features the track ‘Passing By’ which has a very progressive (and before their time) thrash-metal-ballad-like sound. Tracklist DefenderThe RedeemerShooting The RapidsPassing ByMoloch (Live Bonus Track) Rating: 95% Lineup Remco Bouwens: Drums Bart van Rixel: Guitars Simon Menting: Vocals Harm...

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Hittman – Metal Sport (1985)

Band: Hittman Release: Metal Sport (Demo) Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1985 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Hittman ThemeMetal SportSleepless NightsLive For TomorrowWinds Of Warning Rating: 85% Lineup Dirk Kennedy: Vocals Jim Bachi: Guitars Mike Buccel: Bass Chuck Kory:...

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Tokyo (UK) – Listen to Your Heartbeat + Demos (1985-1989)

Band: Tokyo (UK) Release: Listen to Your Heartbeat EP + Demos Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1985-1989 Label: Self-Released Buy from: NEH Records | No Remorse Facebook Tracklist Listen To Your HeartbeatSatisfaction GuaranteedSixteenGreat WhiteTrue JusticeBlack JackHide And SeekI Wish I WasThe Losers Rating: 85% Lineup Mike Dyer: Vocals Guitars: Steve Karr, Mick Clarke, Martin Anderton Drums: Pete Martin, Rod Yates Bass: Phil Newton, Pete Dunn, Stephen James Keyboards: Ian Marshall, Dave Evans, Mark...

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Xandril (Ger) – Demo Collection (1985-1988)

Band: Xandril Release: Rehearsal ’85, Rotting Paradise, The Vision, Perfect Darkness (Demos) Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Year: 1985-1988 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Terminal Breath (Rehearsal '85)Guide the Wind (Rehearsal '85)Little Lady (Rehearsal '85)Lost in Paradise (Rehearsal '85)I Believe (Rehearsal '85)I.F.B. (Rehearsal '85)Terminal Breath (Rotting Paradise)Lost in Paradise (Rotting Paradise)Little Lady (Rotting Paradise)I Believe (Rotting Paradise)Guide the Wind (Rotting Paradise)Avalon (Rotting Paradise)Labyrinth (The Vision)The Bleak (The Vision)Holocaust (The Vision)Perfect Darkness (Perfect Darkness)No Hope (Perfect Darkness)Nearly Dead (Perfect Darkness) Rating: 92% Lineup Bettina Paschen: Vocals Jörg Schrör: Guitars Stephan Philipp: Guitars Marlon Erdmann: Drums André Philip:...

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