220 Volt – Prisoner of War (1982)

Band: 220 Volt Release: Prisoner of War (Single) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1982 Label: Guntans Buy from: eBay Review 220 Volt were one of the earliest heavy metal bands to come out of Sweden and with the release of the “Prisoner of War” single, they have proved themselves worthy for recognition by the underground community.  They were once a very popular band at the time and soon declined after the release of their second album entitled “Mind Over Muscle”, which is simply a great album that you should check out as well. On this very rare single, “Prisoner...

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Gotham City – Gotham City (1982)

Band: Gotham City Release: Gotham City (Single) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1982 Label: Brute Force Buy Gotham City T-Shirt Review I’ll keep this one nice and short for you guys.  This right here is the greatest single to ever come out from Sweden, plain and simple.  With a band like Gotham City, who offer such original and versatile talent, that statement should never be doubted one bit, as it is the undeniable truth (well, with regards to my taste and understanding of the heavy metal world at least).  But what does this single offer that others don’t?  I honestly...

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Breaker – In Days of Heavy Metal (1982)

Band: Breaker Release: In Days of Heavy Metal (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Canada Year: 1982 Label: Iron Head Buy from: eBay Review I know what you all might be thinking right from reading the band’s info and yes, Canada actually did produce some amazing metal records throughout the 80s, but what’s really obscure about Breaker‘s only release is that it is just so ahead of its time in terms of their songwriting and undoubted raw talent.  We’re talking about 1982 here, a year where the NWOBHM was at its peak and almost all bands at the time played a...

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