Mendes Prey – On to the Borderline (1982)

Band: Mendes Prey Release: On to the Borderline (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1982 Label: MP Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist On To The BorderlineRunning For You Rating: 85% Lineup Jih Seymour: Vocals Mark Sutcliffe: Guitars Steve Holt: Guitars, Vocals Martin Brough: Drums Tony Boulton:...

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Wolfbane – Wolfbane (1981-1982)

Band: Wolfbane Release: Wolfbane (Compilation of Demos) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: Recorded in 1981-1982, Remastered and re-released in 2009) Label: Re-released by Shadow Kingdom Records Buy from: Bandcamp Note What easily took the cake for me on this record was when I first listened to “Midnight Lady” not too long ago; I was instantly hooked.  Whether it be the harmonious leads that pave the way for some heavy ass riffing or the obscure Pagan-Altar-esque vocals, Wolfbane do truly show potential in their songwriting; or at least they did back in the early 80s.  Also, a big thanks...

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Onyx (Swe) – Onyx (1982)

Band: Onyx Release: Onyx (EP) Genre: Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Note Purely Swedish-sung heavy metal from the land of northern itself! These dudes released one hell of an EP, and should never go unnoticed within the boundaries of the metal community.  Onyx‘s sound is a tad more “punk” than your usual Swedish obscurities from the 80s, and that adds for a whole new experience!  Crank this one up dudes! Tracklist KaronFörlorad SonTid Att DöNosferato Rating: 92% Lineup Kai Nurmi: Vocals Christer Bengtsson: Guitars Bjorn Holm: Guitars Hakan Kjellberg: Drums Pelle Thambert:...

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Bleak House – Lions in Winter (1982)

Band: Bleak House Release: Lions in Winter (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1982 Label: Buzzard Records Buy from: eBay Tracklist Chase the WindNo ReplyDown to ZeroFlight of the Salamander Rating: 90% Lineup Graham Shaw: Vocals Bob Bonshor: Guitars Graham Killin: Guitars Gez Turner: Bass Roy Reed:...

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Squadron – First Mission (1982)

Band: Squadron Release: First Mission (Full-Length) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: United States Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Always On The MakeCall The ShotsCan't Do Things Like ThatVideo AttackDon't Keep Me Waitin'She's A RockerLet Me Out Of This PlaceCan't Blame MeLookin' For A Good TimeHail Hail Rock N Roll Rating: 92% Lineup Steve Crandall: Vocals Brian Cassidy: Guitars Jim McKenna: Drums Brent Sullivan:...

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