Aragorn (UK) – Noonday (1980-1983)

Band: Aragorn Release: Noonday – The Aragorn Anthology Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: Tracks recorded from 1980-1983/Released as a compilation in 2003 Label: Sanctuary Records Buy from: Bandcamp | eBay Note The full discography of UK legends Aragorn, featuring the highly requested unreleased album “The Night is Burning”!  Man were these guys ever under-appreciated, as they have got to be one of the heaviest and most gritty NWOBHM bands out there.  Help support the band by purchasing the album on their bandcamp page! Tracklist Black IceNoondayThe Night Is BurningMake Me BelieveYou Changed My WorldHellriserRun Like the WindRadar LoveWe'll Fight BackLove Set...

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Myth (Pre-Queensryche) – Demo (1982)

Band: Myth (Pre-Queensryche) Release: Demo 1982 Genre: Power Metal Country: United States Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Note Myth was a Seattle based power metal band where Geoff Tate (of Queensryche fame) first came to prominence.  His voice on this demo is exactly what we will remember him by…pure magic.  Regardless of his current personal issues with Queensryche and his subsequent downfall, his legacy will surely live on. Tracklist Scarborough FairRaising Fear Rating: 88% Lineup Geoff Tate: Vocals Kelly Gray: Guitar Jimmy Parsons: Drums Richard Gibson: Bass Randy “Random Damage” Gane:...

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Stitch (Swe) – Devil’s Deal (1982)

Band: Stitch Release: Devil’s Deal (Single) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1982 Label: SMF Records Note This great single was recently requested by Marcelo!  Stitch can indeed be mistaken for many of the British acts at the time, as you can easily tell that their sound is founded upon the influence of the NWOBHM.  For a Swedish heavy metal record being released in 1982, Stitch surely helped kickstart, in some way or another, the underground heavy metal movement in Sweden, alongside the mighty Gotham City. Tracklist Devil's DealTouchin' The Stars Rating: 92% Lineup Bob May: Vocals Leffe...

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Various – One Take No Dubs (1982)

 Band: Alien/Avenger/Black Rose/Hellanbach Release: One Take No Dubs (Compilation) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1982 Label: Neat Records Buy from: eBay Note Now this one will certainly be in your playlist for quite some time!  These 4 cult bands of the NWOBHM era showcase their utmost talent through these 4 excruciatingly head-bangin’ tracks. What surprised me the most on this release is how FUCKING FAST AND HEAVY some songs are (for 1982 at least); I mean were talking about the ever-so unknown Alien showing off their compelling riffs throughout “Could Have Done Better”, or maybe the great Black Rose,...

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Black Rose – No Point Runnin’/Sucker For Your Love (1982)

Band: Black Rose Release: No Point Runnin’/Sucker For Your Love (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1982 Label: Teesbeat Note The amazing b-side on this single is what fans of Black Rose really stay for, as the a-track “No Point Runnin” is just another generic and unfortunately mundane heavy metal number. Tracklist No Point Runnin'Sucker For Your Love Rating: 80% Lineup Steve Bardsley: Vocals, Guitars Chris “Wah Wah” Watson: Guitars Marty Rajn: Bass “Malla” Smith:...

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