Savage (Nld) – Demo Collection (1981-1982)

Band: Savage (Nld) Release: Demo #1 (1981), Demo #2 (1982), Live at De Leeuwerik, Galder (1982) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Country: Netherlands Year: 1981-1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Heavy Rock 'N' Roll (Demo 1981)Into the Arena (Demo 1981)Starbreaker (Demo 1981)Speedin' Home (Demo 1981)Hell on Wheels (Demo 1982)Love Woman (Demo 1982)Wave the Flag (Demo 1982)Starbreaker (Demo 1982)Might Fall in Love (Demo 1982)Fading Away (Demo 1982)Mystery Smile (Demo 1982)Intro (Live 1982)Starbreaker (Live 1982)American Girls (Live 1982)Mad Woman (Live 1982)Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Live 1982)Rescue Me (Live 1982)Mystery Smile (Live 1982)Into the Arena (Live 1982)Hell On Wheels (Live 1982)Voyager (Live 1982)Speedin' Home (Live 1982)Wave the Flag (Live 1982)Soldier...

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Berserks (Ita) – Berserks (1982)

Band: Berserks Release: Berserks (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Italy Year: 1982 Label: LCA Buy from: Discogs Tracklist The Sex Symbol MachineBlack SideThe Lady Of LoverockMy Life Is Hard RockThe King In The DreamIce And DarkI Want You, You Want MeSky Rating: 80% Lineup Giovanni Pignattone: Vocals Luciano Toninato: Guitars Pierluigi Constantini: Guitars Luca Urban: Bass Loris...

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No Quarter – Uncertain Future (1982)

Band: No Quarter Release: Uncertain Future (Demo) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1982 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Racing For HomeWildfire WomanSetting SunCan You Feel ItTime And SpaceCallingOutro (Bouldered!) Rating: 80% Lineup Snappi Lyes: Vocals Dave Young: Guitars Steve Chard: Drums Rob...

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Widow (UK) – Demo Collection (1981-1984)

Band: Widow (UK) Release: S.O.S (1981), Amazon (1982), Demo (1984) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981, 1982, 1984 Label: Self-Released Tracklist Takin' a Dive (S.O.S - 1981)Revenge (S.O.S - 1981)Death Stage (S.O.S - 1981)Heads Down and Rock (Amazon - 1982)That Woman (Amazon - 1982)Devils Disciple (Amazon - 1982)What if the Devil Wins (Demo - 1984)Devil's Disciple (Demo - 1984) Rating: 92% Lineup Pete Inskip: Vocals (S.O.S & Amazon) Bren Spencer: Vocals (Demo 1984) Tony Donohue: Guitars John Hughes: Guitars (Demo 1984) Rob Hall: Bass Dave Hill: Drums Moz: Drums (Demo...

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Voie De Fait – Ange ou Démon (1982)

Band: Voie De Fait Release: Ange ou Démon (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: France Year: 1982 Label: Arabella   Tracklist Pas Plus De Seize AnsNon CoupableAmnésiePréjugésAnge Ou DémonParis BusinessImagesQu'est-Ce Que Je Fous LaDélinquant Rating: 80% Lineup Lounas Ourrad: Vocals Didier Mauduit: Guitars Philippe Miette: Guitars Jean-Michel Miette: Bass Michel Théodule:...

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