Troyen – The Demo (1981)

Band: Troyen Release: The Demo Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Self-Released Facebook Page Note Here’s another one of those unfortunate outcomes for such a criminally underrated band.  Troyen were a very short-lived NWOBHM band (1981-1982), who split before being able to release any more material, even after being picked up by the famous NEAT records to produce a single and a possible LP.  Their only release, “the 1981 demo”, provides a small taste at what could’ve been…  From the enchanting vocal styles on “Dreams Never Lie” to the proto-speed metal powerhouse “Crazy Lady”, Troyen  truly deserve...

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Saracen – Heroes, Saints and Fools (1981)

Band: Saracen Release: Heroes, Saints and Fools (Full-Length) Genre: Progressive NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Escape Music Buy from: eBay Tracklist CrusaderRock of AgesNo More Lonely NightsHorseman of the ApocalypseHeroes, Saints and FoolsDolphin RideReady to Fly Rating: 100% Lineup Steve Bettney: Vocals Robert Bendelow: Guitar Richard Lowe: Keyboard/Vocals Barry Yates: Bass John Thorne:...

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Holocaust – The Nightcomers (1981)

Band: Holocaust Release: The Nightcomers (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Phoenix Tracklist Smokin' ValvesDeath Or GloryCome On BackMavrockIt Don't Matter To MeCryin' ShameHeavy Metal ManiaPush It AroundThe Nightcomers Rating: 85% Lineup Gary Lettice: Vocals John Mortimer: Guitars Ed Dudley: Guitars Robin Begg: Bass Paul Collins:...

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Heavy Load – Metal Conquest (1981)

Band: Heavy Load Release: Metal Conquest (EP) Genre: Heavy/Power Metal Country: Sweden Year: 1981 Label: Thunderload Buy from: eBay Review Swords, axes and Vikings are lyrical elements we would most often associate with the mighty Manowar, and although being one of the pioneers of this style, we often tend to overlook one of the most important and revolutionary bands of the early 80s, Heavy Load.  Being also among the first Scandinavian metal bands to ever emerge, along with Trance, Accept, Scorpions and others, Heavy Load’s first EP, and second release overall, proved that the word “epic” was indeed in their dictionary; especially since it revealed the band’s...

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