Radium – Through the Smoke (1981)

Band: Radium Release: Through the Smoke (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Isotope Records Buy from: No Remorse Note This record was recently requested by a fellow follower, and so I thought it would be a great addition to the blog!  Oh man is this one killer, I especially love the second track “Dusty Road”; the gradual transition from a calming and serene intro to a scorching solo-led ending is what easily takes the cake on this number. Tracklist Angel Of FearDusty RoadMaking Changes Rating: 83% Lineup K. Healey: Vocals, Guitars A. Meehan: Guitars, Vocals Tonka: Drums...

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A-II-Z – No Fun After Midnight (1981)

Band: A-II-Z Release: No Fun After Midnight (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Polydor Records Buy from: eBay  Note From the melodic “No Fun After Midnight” to the aggressive speed attack of “Treason”, all the way to the punk influenced “Valhalla Force”, this EP delivers a great range of musical diversity. Tracklist No Fun After MidnightTreasonValhalla Force Rating: 88% Lineup Dave Owens: Vocals Gary Owens: Guitars Simon Wright : Drums Tony Backhouse:...

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Wolfbane – Wolfbane (1981-1982)

Band: Wolfbane Release: Wolfbane (Compilation of Demos) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: Recorded in 1981-1982, Remastered and re-released in 2009) Label: Re-released by Shadow Kingdom Records Buy from: Bandcamp Note What easily took the cake for me on this record was when I first listened to “Midnight Lady” not too long ago; I was instantly hooked.  Whether it be the harmonious leads that pave the way for some heavy ass riffing or the obscure Pagan-Altar-esque vocals, Wolfbane do truly show potential in their songwriting; or at least they did back in the early 80s.  Also, a big thanks...

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