Various Artists – Roksnax (1980)

Band: Saracen/Hollow Ground/Samurai Release: Roksnax (Compilation) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1980 Label: Guardian Records N’ Tapes Buy from: Discogs Note The first of two compilations released by the legendary Guardian Records N’ Tapes, who were responsible for releasing NWOBHM classics such as Satan‘s “Kiss of Death” single and Mythra‘s “Death and Destiny” EP. Please take note that the Saracen featured on this compilation should not be mistaken with the lads from Derbyshire who released the mighty “Heroes, Saints and Fools” LP back in October of 1981. Tracklist SAMURAI - Die Or DeliverHOLLOW GROUND - Rock OnSARACEN - Speed Of SoundHOLLOW GROUND - Fight With...

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After Dark (UK) – Evil Woman (1981)

Band: After Dark (UK) Release: Evil Woman (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: After Dark Note Is there anything better than that pre-chorus hook on “Evil Woman”?  I can’t help but break out the air guitar whenever that track takes over; definitely up there as one of my favourite moments in NWOBHM history.  This next beer goes out to the After Dark lads! Tracklist Evil WomanJohnnyLucy Rating: 82% Lineup Steve Annetts: Vocals Mick Hare: Guitars J.C.: Guitars John Metcalfe: Drums Andy Harris: Keyboards Ian King:...

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Aragorn (UK) – Noonday (1980-1983)

Band: Aragorn Release: Noonday – The Aragorn Anthology Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: Tracks recorded from 1980-1983/Released as a compilation in 2003 Label: Sanctuary Records Buy from: Bandcamp | eBay Note The full discography of UK legends Aragorn, featuring the highly requested unreleased album “The Night is Burning”!  Man were these guys ever under-appreciated, as they have got to be one of the heaviest and most gritty NWOBHM bands out there.  Help support the band by purchasing the album on their bandcamp page! Tracklist Black IceNoondayThe Night Is BurningMake Me BelieveYou Changed My WorldHellriserRun Like the WindRadar LoveWe'll Fight BackLove Set...

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Cryer – The Single (1980)

Band: Cryer Release: The Single (Also known as “The Visionary”) Genre: NWOBHM/Hard Rock Country: United Kingdom Year: 1980 Label: Happy Face Tracklist The SingleHesitate Rating: 88% Lineup Graham Carless: Vocals Garry Chapman: Guitars Stu Clarke: Guitars Roger Whitehouse: Drums Fez Ferriday: Bass Mick Billingham:...

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Ricochet – Midas Light (1980)

Band: Ricochet Release: Midas Light (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1980 Label: Heavy Rock Buy from: eBay Note One of the finest NWOBHM singles ever made; an essential record for any fan of the movement.  Most downloads of this single often include the re-recording of the “Midas Light” track.  The version included in this download is the original, straight out of 1980. Tracklist Midas LightOff The Rails Rating: 92% Lineup Geoff Sewell: Vocals Dave Gough: Guitars Mick Collet: Drums Neil “The Finn” Finnegan:...

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