E.F. Band – Night Angel (1979)

Band: E.F. Band Release: Night Angel/Another Day Gone (Single) Genre: NWOBHM/Hard Rock Country: Sweden/United Kingdom Year: 1979 Label: Aerco Records Buy from: eBay Note The founding members of E.F. Band are actually of Swedish origin, however, they relocated to the UK in 1979 in an attempt to be a part of the ever growing NWOBHM movement. Tracklist Night AngelAnother Day Gone Rating: 85% Lineup Pär Ericson: Vocals, Bass Bengt Fischer (R.I.P): Guitars Johnsson:...

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Triarchy – Save the Khan (1979)

Band: Triarchy Release: Save the Khan (Single) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1979 Label: Self-Released Buy from: eBay Tracklist Save the KhanJuliet's Tomb Rating: 90% Lineup Mike Wheeler: Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers Graham Legg: Guitars Mark Newbold:...

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Legend (USA) – From the Fjords (1979)

Band: Legend Release: From the Fjords (Full-Length) Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1979 Label: Empire Records Buy from: eBay   Tracklist The DestroyerThe Wizard's VengeanceThe Golden BellThe ConfrontationR.A.R.Z.Against The GodsThe Iron HorseFrom The Fjords Rating: 88% Lineup Kevin Nugent (R.I.P): Guitars, Vocals Raymond E. Frigon: Drums Fred Melillo:...

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Marseille – Marseille (1979)

Band: Marseille Release: Marseille (Full-Length) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1979 Label: Mountain Records Highlights: “Over and Over” and “Lady of the Night” Tracklist Rock You TonightArmed and ReadyOver and OverLady of the NightWalking Thro' the NightKitesYou're a WomanDon't Wanna Hurt YouSome Like It Hot Rating: 85% Lineup Paul Dale: Vocals Neil Buchanan: Guitars Andy Charters: Guitars Keith Knowles: Drums Steve Dinwoodie:...

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Mythra – Death and Destiny (1979)

Band: Mythra Release: Death and Destiny (EP) Genre: NWOBHM Country: United Kingdom Year: 1979 Label: Guardian Records n’ Tapes Buy from: No Remorse | eBay Highlights: “Killer” and “Overlord” Tracklist Death And DestinyKillerOverlordUFO Rating: 88% Lineup Vince High: Vocals John Roach: Guitars Maurice Bates: Guitars Pete Melsom: Bass Barry Hopper:...

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