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DEFENDER – Tales of the Unexpected (1985)

Band: Defender Release: Tales of the Unexpected (Demo) Genre: Heavy metal/Power metal Country: The Netherlands Year: 1985 Label: Independent Download (Zippyshare) Note: Tales of the Unexpected is a demo released by the Dutch band Defender. Their sound is like a perfect mix between the operatic and marching sounds of Iron Maiden and the heavy drowsiness of Black Sabbath, with the underground indieness of their own. Unlike most of the tracks on the demo, which sound raw and heavy, Tales of the Unexpected features the track ‘Passing By’ which has a very progressive (and before their time) thrash-metal-ballad-like sound. Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 95% Lineup Remco Bouwens: Drums Bart van Rixel: Guitars Simon Menting: Vocals Harm...

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FOR AGAINST – December (1988)

Band: For Against Release: December Genre: Post-punk/Indie rock Country: USA Year: 1988 Label: Independent Project Records Purchase (Discogs) Download (Zippyshare) Website Note: December is a light, somewhat psychedelic album release that’s not much longer than half an hour, released in 1988 by America’s indie act, For Against. The band was formed in 1984, and kept on producing into the late 2000s, like a hard-rock version of Depeche Mode. The album starts with a quick-paced track, which sets a good tone for the rest of the album. It features the lyrics of Jeffrey Runnings, and are typically mysterious: different yet...

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White Spirit – Demo (1981)

Band: White Spirit Release: Demo 1981 Genre: NWOBHM/Melodic Heavy Metal Country: United Kingdom Year: 1981 Label: Self-Released Download (Zippyshare) Note The only known White Spirit demo that I’m currently aware of, which also happens to be the band’s last attempt at stardom before disbanding (most likely due to future-Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers‘s decision to join Ian Gillan‘s solo band).  Anyway, judging by the tracks from this demo, which I assume were going to be re-recorded had they released a follow-up album, White Spirit were on the path of becoming one of the NWOBHM’s premier bands.  This is one way to go out...

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The Covenant – Stations (1986)

Band: The Covenant Release: Stations (Single) Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock Country: United Kingdom Year: 1986 Label: Covenant Records Download (Zippyshare) Website Note Now here is an example of how vital the keyboards really are in fostering the basis of a band’s overall sound.  The Covenant‘s “Stations” is nothing short of melodic heaven, whereby continuous shifts in keyboard and guitar riffs keep the music fresh and exciting through every play-through.  Been cranking this one for the last 5 years or so and I still can’t get enough. Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 88% Lineup Stephen Thomas Hall: Vocals, Keyboards Steven Perkins: Guitars Paul Turrell: Drums...

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Grim Reaper – For Demonstration Only Demo (1983)

Band: Grim Reaper Release: For Demonstration Only (Demo) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: United States Year: 1983 Label: Independent Project Records Download (Zippyshare) Note Half of these tracks would later be found on Grim Reaper‘s debut album “See You in Hell”.  Frankly, I was never really a fan of the production quality on that record; it all seemed too stale.  Thankfully, this demo does those very songs (and then some) the justice it deserves.  The definitive version of “See You in Hell” is right here folks! Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 85% Lineup Steve Grimmett: Vocals Nick Bowcott: Guitars Lee Harris: Drums Dave...

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Asylum Party – Borderline (1989)

  Band: Asylum Party Release: Borderline (Full-Length) Genre: Coldwave/Post-Punk Country: France Year: 1989 Label: Lively Art Download (Zippyshare) Note: One of the true representatives of punk in the mid-80s, Asylum Party, releases their full-length album Borderline: a true must-hear for every punk / metal-head / rock fan. Each track radiates Asylum Party‘s unique, apathetically cold excellence, and the album itself gives off a heavy, chilled, dark vibe, in their tone as well as lyricism. The whole mood is accentuated by heavy synth strings, flat percussion, and a dry bass sound. Borderline is a good album for easy listening, adding to your LP collection, or just for...

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Colour Scream – Living and Dying (1988)

Band: Colour Scream Release: Living and Dying (EP) Genre: New Wave/Post-Punk/Synthpop Country: United States Year: 1988 Label: Whet Reign Records Download (Zippyshare) Note Colour Scream were a tiny band from California who, for the most part of this EP, had a fascination with meshing the gloomy and abrasive sound of post-punk with the spirit and “danceability” of synthpop.  For some odd reason, the vocals sound almost entirely similar to Jason Decay’s vocal delivery (of Cauldron fame). Interestingly enough, the members of Cauldron are no strangers to dipping their feet in the world of new wave, as they covered Gowan‘s “Moonlight Desires” not too long ago.  Be sure to give “Will My Fear”,...

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The Wild Poppies – Where is Wellington (1987)

Band: The Wild Poppies Release: Where is Wellington (Single) Genre: New Wave/Jangle Pop Country: New Zealand Year: 1987 Label: Poppie Records Download (Zippyshare) Buy from: Discogs | Reissue Note Much like their jangle pop/proto-shoegaze contemporaries, the short-lived The Wild Poppies were masters of their craft, as they knowingly understood the necessity of highlighting each individual instrument.  By isolating each one, you can clearly hear how the guitars are always dissonantly feeding off back and forth according to the vocal melody, all while the emotive drumming and descending bass lines help carry the direction of the song from verse to verse.  The chorus for both tracks are meant...

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Delusions of Grandeur – Picture Perfect Martyr (1989)

Band: Delusions of Grandeur Release: Picture Perfect Martyr (EP) Genre: New Wave/Jangle Pop Country: United States Year: 1989 Label: Acid Ceiling Download (Zippyshare) *Courtesy of Willfully Obscure* Buy from: Discogs Note Time for something different for a change.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the whole new wave scene, whereby everything from post-punk to jangle pop seems to fill the void that heavy metal often creates (for me at least).  I’ve been obsessing over this kind of music for the last year now, hence the lack of newly-uploaded albums.  It becomes incredibly tiresome to upload material you’re just not that into at the moment, which also...

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Vavel (Gre) – The Second Death (1988)

Band: Vavel (Gre) Release: The Second Death (Full-Length) Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Country: Greece Year: Recorded in 1988, Released in 2003 Label: Unisound Records Download (Zippyshare) Buy from: Discogs Tracklist PlayStopNext»«Prev HIDE PLAYLIST Popout X Rating: 85% Lineup Pavlos Gavrilidis: Vocals Dimitris Andritsoudis: Guitars Kostas Kiriakides: Drums Pavlos Hatzimeonidis: Keyboards Makis...

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